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Sustainable Technology Provided by Sector 5
Sector 5 is reducing carbon footprints with new sourcing, design and manufacturing methods. We're happily and heavily focused on the importance of research and development for the designing and manufacturing of sustainable electronics, which will be recycled, reused, and refurbished more easily.

    Sustainable Electronics    
Sustainable Electronics Initiative (SEI) is an initiative started in the United States in the summer of 2009 by the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, in response to the growing national and international demand for more sustainable electronic designs and more environmentally friendly ways to handle electronics once they reach the end of their useful lives.
Sector 5 Charging Technology for Classroom Applications and Business Student Learning Centers
Sector 5 is noteably more sustainable and less environmentally harmful, as a result of intense quality control for ultra-durability, low power consumption and weather ruggedness.
Our voluntary sustainable electronic initiatives well surpass the state and federal law requirements regarding producing, using and disposing of electronic devices.
Design for Energy and the Environment with Sector 5 electronics
It is our social duty with great pride to be able to share this knowledge as a primary initiative in our national sustainable education program, "E1 Granting Success", led by Sector 5.
Sector 5 Computer Buy Back Program
  1. Public Sector Programs
  2. State Electronic Waste Recycling Programs
  3. Non-Profit Initiatives
  4. Electronic Donation/Charity Programs
  5. Manufacturer Take-Back Programs
  6. Retailer Recycling Programs
  7. Trade-In Programs
  8. Foreign Initiatives
Sector 5 Electronics Risk Management Design Symposium
Meet up with Sector 5 at this year's "Design for Energy and the Environment", the first annual symposium hosted by SEI, which will include presentations from representatives from industry, government agencies, and academia.
Sector 5 is biosphere conscious and minimizing waste in electronics manufacturing processes and product life cycles
Minimizing Waste

Sector 5 is raising awareness of global "high-tech trash" problems affecting the health of our shared biosphere.

"E-liminate Waste"

We are proud to announce our electronic product recycling program, "E-liminate Waste" to assist Sector 5 E1 customers in the United States in recycling these products. We are currently offering recycling on all of our education products and the E1 Class consumer, small office/home office product lines.

Topics of the symposium include: education, materials and design, life cycle analysis, policies, design for end-of-life, and electronics recovery. In addition, the symposium will include keynote speakers from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Walmart. The symposium welcomes designers, manufacturers, chemists, electrical engineers, government representatives, and all others. See you there!

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Sustainable Technology
Conserving Resources for a Sustainable Future
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