Innovations in Education

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Innovations in Education

Sector 5 understands the countless challenges school districts face while adapting to the new education models of teaching, learning, and collaborating while effectively managing cost. K-12 IT innovators and leaders inspire our products and services providing secure infrastructure delivering reliable devices rugged and unique, Sector 5 for Teachers and Administrators comprehensive training on our latest classroom suites and educational tools.

Let's help the world move towards wireless technology. Sector 5 wants to enable teachers with faster charging speeds, greater value, decade after decade.

Powering Technology Through Innovation

Our wireless charging carts are ready for significant new investments that will bring benefits to communities all over the country. One recent study estimates that wireless operators will invest $275 billion over the next decade to deploy faster internet speeds. According to Accenture Strategies, digital access investments all across America is projected to create 3 million jobs. This is almost equaling to one job for every 100 Americans generating $500 billion in GDP. Sector 5 is contributing to this platform with our wireless technology for schools, hospitals, universities, venues and more to create more economic benefits for American families and businesses.

Economically Improving the Standards

Sector 5 wants to simply put, greater awareness and know-how of the "E1 Granting Success" standards-making process. E1 Granting Success program fosters a more intelligent dialogue among peers and help move the community developments forward at a suitable pace. Our program will enhance the overall quality of standards worldwide and their acceptance across regions. E1 Granting Success wants to create a wealth of exchange and networking opportunities between informed decision-makers, policy-makers, partners and customers around the nation..

Improving the Quality of Learning

In local communities, increased access connectivity will be trans-formative. Our next generation will be able to swiftly move through every aspect of our economy and social structure creating thousands of jobs growing the GDP, making our local communities safer and increasing the quality of life.

Our American Journey

Mapping the Goals

1  No Poverty

1 No Poverty

2  Zero Hunger

2 Zero Hunger

3  Good Health & Well Being

3 Good Health & Well Being

4  Quality Education

4 Quality Education

5 Gender Equality

5 Gender Equality

6  Clean Water & Sanitation

6 Clean Water & Sanitation

7  Affordable & Clean Energy

7 Affordable & Clean Energy

8  Decent Work & Economic Growth

8 Decent Work & Economic Growth

9  Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

10 Reduced Inequalities

10 Reduced Inequalities

11 Sustainable Cities & Communities

11 Sustainable Cities & Communities

12  Responsible Consumption & Production

12 Responsible Consumption & Production

13  Climate Action

13 Climate Action

14  Life Below Water

14 Life Below Water

15  Life on Land

15 Life on Land

16  Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

17  Partnerships for The Goals

17 Partnerships for The Goals

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