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1  No Poverty
2  Zero Hunger
3  Good Health & Well Being
4  Quality Education
5 Gender Equality
6  Clean Water & Sanitation
7  Affordable & Clean Energy
8  Decent Work & Economic Growth
9  Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
10 Reduced Inequalities
11 Sustainable Cities & Communities
12  Responsible Consumption & Production
13  Climate Action
14  Life Below Water
15  Life on Land
16  Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
17  Partnerships for The Goals
1  No Poverty

1 No Poverty

Solving the education gap

Innovations in education

Sector 5 Inc. knows eliminating provery begins with equal opportunity and fairness in education. Equal access to at-school AND at-home devices and electronic colloborative learning tools MUST be made affordable to ALL families, regardless of household income or school district budgets. Sector 5 Inc. is providing free educational workshops and affordable learning devices to students, families, schools and universities across the nation. Access to education has improved in the past decade for millions of children. But far too many of the nations most disadvantaged children remain excluded from learning on computers, due to the economic inaffordability. Sector 5 Inc. is providing internet enabled Chromebooks so everyone has the equal education opportunities available online, for the advanced collaboration skills they need to lead productive and socially responsible lives.

Education systems in America are increase resources to engage the children excluded because of location, gender, disability, ethnic origin, violence or natural disaster. Addressing these challenges requires more than business as usual.

2  Zero Hunger

2 Zero Hunger

Hungry to Learn

This community program integrates Chromebook learning explains how human ingenuity, the Internet, and technological innovation will help us forever end the historic plagues of human existence: ignorance, disease, poverty, hunger, and war. With a rational and researched optimism, Sector 5, Inc. "E1 Granting Success" community leaders see the future not as a world in a downward spiral, but as destined for progress beyond our imaginations. Let's end hunger together. Accepting applicants and RSVPs soon.
3  Good Health & Well Being

3 Good Health & Well Being

Social fabric

Beyond anything you have dared to imagine, learn how technology will soon create a dramatically better world for every person on earth. The nationwide community calendar will be launched soon. Please visit frequently, bookmark this page and remember to RSVP --and get your friends and family involved.

Please attend this very important "E1 Granting Success" story telling event exploring how our advanced technologies will vastly prolong our lifespans, redefine human rights, increase wealth, and alter the social fabric of the world with internet enabled access, affordably distributed to every member of society for exponentially greater learning collaboration.

4  Quality Education

4 Quality Education

Researching accurately online

Teacher & District Special Invites In this step-by-step guided program, you will learn from online learning veterans how to teach students at all grade levels to conduct deeper, smarter, and more responsible research in an online environment. Sector 5 Inc. is addressing the growing epidemic of today's ever so prevelent media about "Fake News", which we've dubbed Who Knews™. You ll find practical lesson ideas for every stage of the research process and dozens of tips and strategies that will build your students Internet literacy, fostering skills for lifelong learning. Let's develop valuable academic habits and ideas worth sharing. Quality education available for all is a key driving factor in why we do what we do here at Sector 5, Inc. We are dedicated to people. We are dedicated to communities. We are dedicated to manufacturing educational technology and devices, opening equal and advanced education opportunities to all, providing internet enabled Chromebook devices at affordable rates for all schools, academies, votech, universities, colleges, educational facilities and charter schools across America.
5 Gender Equality

5 Gender Equality

Women’s Leadership Program

Join forces with Sector 5 Inc. to prepare for a successful transition to senior leadership
Sector 5 Inc. faculty and developed community leaders invite you to attend an upcoming experiential learning session, proven to enhance women’s leadership behaviors in a wide range of interactive lessons. Leave with new ideas, skills, confidence, and fresh perspectives to add more value to your/their company and trickle the benefits of improved diversity across the organization.

Participants learn how to create high-performing teams, negotiate win-win outcomes, manage crises, build awareness of decision-making biases, understand corporate governance, utilize collaborative online communication and learning tools, and create a strong personal brand and/or business.
6  Clean Water & Sanitation

6 Clean Water & Sanitation

E1 Granting Success Speakers

At Sector 5 Inc. we are passionate about local and global water and sanitation issues, especially the need for improved knowledge and skills in the developing countries we intend to soon work in worldwide. We believe it is our corporate and social responsibility to do our part in community outreach programs wherever and whenever possible. Sector 5 Inc. provides guest speakers for fundraisers, corporate and community events, conferences, schools and universities, among other events. Sector 5, Inc. is engaging communities and local populations with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand their needs, identify and implement solutions and then sustain them over the long-term. Attendees also learn how to implement and use collaborative online tools on the ultra rugged and highly popularized E1 Chromebook series.
7  Affordable & Clean Energy

7 Affordable & Clean Energy

Environmentally Friendly

Sector 5 Inc. has responded to the ethical need for low power consuming internet enabled electronic devices with forward thinking mentallity and creative solutions. Maximum power consumption is kept to a minimal with advanced engineering practices and ecologically considerate methods of manufacturing. Using 100% renewable electricity is a lofty goal. Sector 5 Inc. integrates usage of effecient internal or external power supplies in all electronic devices.
Sector 5 Inc. is currently considering additional methods to reduce our carbon footprint, throughout the product lifecyle --all the way to the eventual landfill. Sector 5 Inc. is designing and manufacturing sustainable electronics, which will be recycled, reused and refurbished more easily. Our environmentally friendly ways to handle electronics once they reach the end of their useful lives include national programs such as "BUY BACK" and "E-liminate Waste".
8  Decent Work & Economic Growth

8 Decent Work & Economic Growth

Faculty Particpants & Graduates

Community Leader Development Program

The workshop invites economists froma range of universities and institutions to present their work. The students and faculty leading the workshop meet weekly online via the Sector 5 Inc. Volunteers & Careers: Supporting Employees Portal to attend the lectures given on development economics and discuss the papers presented on international economics, development, and economic relations between industrialized and less industrialized countries.

9  Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Spreading Creative Ingenuity

Positive Education ROI

Sector 5 Inc. Chromebooks have defied expectations and made major inroads in an unexpected environment. For personal computers and tablets, Chromebook’s share of the U.S. education market was 49 percent last year, up from 40 percent in 2015 and 9 percent in 2013, according to IDC figures released February, 2017. As a Google for Edcuation partner, Sector 5 Inc. E1 Chromebooks and other electronic devices to be unveiled soon, intend to meet the majority need of schools that have not yet adopted a STEM program or educational technology standards with advanced tools, to be affordably provided by Sector 5, Inc.

The newest E1 Chromebooks series run Android apps designed for phones and tablets, Sector 5 Inc. devices are even more attractive to businesses and schools in 2017 with the best and most affordable options for all budgets. That makes it possible to install Office, Adobe Photoshop and many apps on our Chromebooks. Sector 5 Inc. is developing community leaders who are available for guest speaking events regarding implementation of our electronic educational & business devices, customer case studies and workshops about collaborative industry leading tools for successful industry, innovation and infrastructure. Did you know that education accounts for just 14 percent of the 110 million Chromebook devices shipped in the U.S. last year — and Chromebooks make up just 9 percent of that broader total.

10 Reduced Inequalities

10 Reduced Inequalities

Time for a New Approach

Nancy DeVos, Secretary of Education It’s time for a new approach — one that encourages schools to improve while at the same time giving families options if they don’t. By expanding school choice programs, states can do precisely that. This past week — as families, teachers, and education advocates around the nation observed National School Choice Week — leaders in Washington have an opportunity to give them the ability to do so.

Sector 5 Inc. is happy to provide local "E1 Granting Success" workshops, reducing inequalities in parallel with the new education reforms; despite the best efforts and intentions of government officials, billions in tax dollars have been wasted and our kids are no better off. "E1 Granting Success" led by Sector 5 Inc. is a solution built for teachers and students of all ages, all grades, and all career paths. Equal education access for all is very important to Sector 5 Inc. Unlike the failed ‘School Improvement Grants’ program, the 'E1 Granting Success' program is to empower parents and educators to adopt a new approach to school reform — one that does not cost billions in additional taxpayer dollars, and which has demonstrated success in the past. Sector 5 Inc. believes everyone must have affordable electronic device access — as well as community based, proper collaborative instruction on how to learn, not necessarily what to learn.

11 Sustainable Cities & Communities

11 Sustainable Cities & Communities

Faculty Particpants & Graduate Students

Community Leader Development Program There are three major components that a Sector 5 Inc. community leader will teach specifically in regard to improve supply chain sustainability: raw materials used, the treatment of people who make the products and supply the services — as well as how operations affect people in the local communities — and overall compliance with laws and regulations as well as consumer and investors’ expectations.

The papers presented are available before each talk and are usually posted in your member profile if you did RSVP. We forsee that faculty members and graduate students from neighboring universities, as well as those from other institutions, regularly attend the workshop.

12  Responsible Consumption & Production

12 Responsible Consumption & Production

E-liminate Waste BUY BACK
13  Climate Action

13 Climate Action

14  Life Below Water

14 Life Below Water

Digital Commerce Partnerships

Retail Technolgoy Standards

Direct Buy Partners and Retailers are encouraged to attend this workshop covering:

  • Unified POS

  • Join us to learn about the standard that allows retailers to mix and match to develop systems that meet their needs – saving money and improving functionality in the process.
  • Data Modeling

  • The Operational Data Model (ODM) incorporates transactional information used daily in retail stores – everything from inventory management and price management to sales reporting and workforce management.
    The Data Warehouse Model (DWM) complements ODM and helps retailers identify and track the key performance indicators that inform better decision making and analysis.
  • XML Schemas

  • Looking to add new programs and services but need to make sure the applications will work with existing software? Check out ARTS Standard XML Schemas.
    XML Schemas build on the operational data model and provide defined structure that helps different applications speak the same language. When software conforms to the schema, retailers can add new applications to existing infrastructure. That makes it easier to implement new services for customers – like loyalty programs, inventory searching, price checking – just to name a few.
  • Business Process Models

  • Business Process Models (BPM) help retailers figure out how to support their company’s goals with the most efficient processes. It’s not just for companies starting from scratch – growing businesses can find ways to pinpoint weaknesses and strengthen their operations.
  • Standard RFPS

  • Many companies spend a huge amount of effort researching new technology solutions to avoid overlooking a key requirement that can extend timelines and drive up costs. Our Standard RFPs help shorten the time retailers spend researching new applications.

15  Life on Land

15 Life on Land

Top Retail Power Players Rollout

Digital Commerce Open to opportunities, clear-headed merchants are driving innovation. Retailers, long fixated on physical location and inventory, are now focusing time, energy and capital with Sector 5 Inc. on the processes of selling and distributing goods. Physical stores are still formidable at selling merchandise, owning about 90 percent of market share. Bricks-and-mortar’s share of total sales has been in decline for the better part of 20 years, though, and experts say they will continue to lose sales until the distinction between physical shopping and digital commerce becomes indistinguishable.
16  Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

Passion & Philosophy

Durability & Reliability

The reason Sector 5 gets such high marks for reliability is because of extreme lab testing. Sector 5’s customer support is the best you’ll find. If something goes wrong, a quick customer service call with Sector 5 is more likely to yield a solution, or at least a repair plan, than with other brands. Sometimes the most important factor in reliability isn’t the computer itself, but the company you are dealing with.

Institutions are encouraged to invite Sector 5 Inc. to speak about our professional training programs and networks around the world – and our collaboration with military, diplomats, development specialists, and community leaders about delivering innovative and effective programs at minimal cost.

Our history began with passion. Our vision is to enable every K-12 child with an internet enabled Chromebook learning device, encouraging self growth and aiding to eliminate poverty levels due to lack of educational tools. Our education partnerships help us develop enrichment programs that enhance distribution of Sector 5 learning devices. It doesn't matter how big your school, institution or enterprise. No matter your budget, Sector 5 provides easy to use electronics to engage students anytime, anywhere.

17  Partnerships for The Goals

17 Partnerships for The Goals

Retail & Consumer Growth 2017

From Educational Institutions to Big Box Retail Sector 5 Inc.'s lightweight chromebooks are already a hit in education, but a bigger retail push is coming. The consumer business is about to flourish and we know all you consumers are waiting the two waves of Sector 5 devices to be unveiled in 2017. Chromebooks are going to move out of this education-almost-exclusive channel focus, into retail and into commercial. Boosted by Google's introduction of Android apps to the Chrome operating system, Sector 5 Inc. is ready for 2017 consumer and business sales growth. This android and Chrome OS combo of Play Store and Office 365 will make Chromebooks more interesting to a mainstream audience, he says, because all the apps and services people have on their phones will become accessible on a Chromebook.
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