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E1 Granting Success is a national educational initiative to help fight poverty and provide affordable access to internet enabled Chromebook devices, such as the popular E-Series 1 & 2 rugged classroom Chromebook.

E1 Granting Success

Being an integral part of our communities across the nation is a core social responsibility component of our culture here at Sector 5. Addressing educational challenges requires more than electronics manufacturing business as usual. Education systems around the globe are seeking more affordable and easier to use solutions to collaborate and learn, while engaging students at a passionate learning level.
Sector 5 Direct Buy Electronics available at affordable rates to select Education Partners

Education Partners

Access restricted product offerings and promotional materials for Direct Buy Partners only. "E1 Granting Success™" is vital to our Partners success regionally divided distribution categories such as Venues & Hospitality, Higher Education, Healthcare, Mobile Fleets & Traveling Teams, Energy & Public Sector, and Sector 5® regional Retail distribution areas.
SFIV E1 Granting Success led by Sector 5® Electronics is helping communities do more.

Supporting Communities

Sector 5® is helping communities do more by raising educational awareness with leading learning & collaboration devices. E1 Granting Success™ is a nationwide community based initiative led by Sector 5® to enrich the lives of our children and improve literacy, even in adults, with educational programs across a wide range of sustainable growth categories.
You're invited! Sector 5 is in your area with a new community event planned to raise awareness about educational access and devices at affordable rates, narrowing poverty rates due to lack of knowledge.

Community Calendar

Join our expanding community of gadget enthusiasts and attend an event in your area for 1st peek educational tools, resources and documents for all Sector 5 products. We're committed to providing exceptionally designed Chromebooks and other electronics at low cost, affordable rates available to students in our communities embracing educational culture.
Sector 5 Electronics is currently seeking new cultural facilities to expand our community calendar of exciting educational disciplines including music, dance, theatre, creative writing, literature, architecture, painting, sculpture, folk arts, photography, crafts, media arts, visual arts, and programs of museums to improve critical thinking and expand creativity in children and adults.

Local Giving to Cultural Facilities

Sector 5 can help you locate Grants for our innovative and sustainable electronic devices. "Race to the Job Initiative Act" and other bills requiring administration of grant programs to provide anchor institution grants and infrastructure grants may assist your hospital, non-profit institution, college, research center, etc.
Sector 5 wants to be a model for sustainable electronics manufacturing of innovative devices consumer desire at affordable prices

Innovations in Education

As an educational electronic manufacturer, we aim to be a model as the anchors for our creative neighborhoods, the portals through which our neighbors engage with the educational arts. We're expanding cultural facility partnerships with performing arts centers, museums, cinemas, galleries, music venues, and workshop and rehearsal spaces, sharing insight on innovative electronic needs.

Did you know?

Education helps improve mental health

The mental health of the World's children and adolescents is systematically an underdeveloped resource and has value in it's own right, and children and adolescents should not only be seen as future adults but developing "mental capital".

Did you know that as a parent you can make all the difference to your child's communication skills?  By spending time with your children, speaking and reading with them you can really help them to develop key literacy skills.  We invite you to participate in one of the many "E1 Granting Success" nationwide events coming to your community. 

Economically very cost-effective

Favorable cost to benefit ratio

Early learning with high-quality technologies like the E1 Chromebook by Sector 5 strengthens social-emotional coping, cognition and school grades, having the strongest effects on disadvantaged children and reduces social inequality in health.  Early learning may help to compensate for negative home environments and has a remarkably high impact on good mental health, a major impact on multiple outcomes later in life, including educational outcomes and employement.

Sector 5 is enabling children to achieve their full potential with the E1 Chromebook, an affordable educational device for all schools and districts across the Nation, including the most impoverished and underprivileged students of all decrees.

Quality of education and "E1 Granting Success"

© Sector 5/ Sun Valley School, CO Sector 5 is enabling children to achieve their full potential with the E1 Chromebook, an affordable educational device for all schools and districts across the Nation, including the most impoverished and underprivileged students of all decrees.


For too many children, though, school is not always a positive experience. Some endure difficult conditions, like missing or inadequate teaching materials or makeshift sanitation facilities. Others lack competent teachers and appropriate curricula. Still others may be forced to contend with discrimination, harassment and even violence. These conditions are not conducive to learning or development, and no child should have to experience them.

Access to education that is of poor quality is tantamount to no education at all. There is little point in providing the opportunity for a child to enrol in school if the quality of the education is so poor that the child will not become literate or numerate, or will fail to acquire critical life skills.

Sector 5 together with UNICEF is profoundly committed to securing safe, rights-based, quality education for each and every child, irrespective of his or her circumstances.

Quality education is education that works for every child and enables all children to achieve their full potential. With this in mind,  a rights-based, comprehensive educational model has been created by UNICEF – Child Friendly Schools – that embraces a multi-dimensional concept of quality and addresses the total needs of the child as a learner. Child Friendly Schools are now the major means through which Sector 5 advocates for and promotes quality with equity in education.

Education and Poverty - excellent ROI

Education is the key to helping children and adults too, to realize their greatest potentials in societies.  Education helps to open doors to the job market and even more impactful, to learn how to create a meaningful job for yourself and/or create jobs for others too.

We are currently updating our calendar and adding new events to enrich our youth and empower parents and teachers alike.

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Mapping the Goals

1  No Poverty

1 No Poverty

2  Zero Hunger

2 Zero Hunger

3  Good Health & Well Being

3 Good Health & Well Being

4  Quality Education

4 Quality Education

5 Gender Equality

5 Gender Equality

6  Clean Water & Sanitation

6 Clean Water & Sanitation

7  Affordable & Clean Energy

7 Affordable & Clean Energy

8  Decent Work & Economic Growth

8 Decent Work & Economic Growth

9  Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

10 Reduced Inequalities

10 Reduced Inequalities

11 Sustainable Cities & Communities

11 Sustainable Cities & Communities

12  Responsible Consumption & Production

12 Responsible Consumption & Production

13  Climate Action

13 Climate Action

14  Life Below Water

14 Life Below Water

15  Life on Land

15 Life on Land

16  Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

17  Partnerships for The Goals

17 Partnerships for The Goals

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