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The team at Sector 5 Inc. is inspired by the many great community leaders and tribulating lessons in life.  We are grateful for the knowledge.  We are socially responsible for sharing the lessons.

Sector 5 ® smart affiliate marketing strategies

Let's Talk

Let's Talk

As a Direct Buy partner, you will discover what content resonates with these audiences, whether its products, promotions, or industry thought leadership. You can do it - we will help!

The Direct Buy comunity leader application form is currently being updated.

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Are you ready to increase your online sales and gain more insight into the consumer journey? Fill our this short form and our sales team will contact you today! Your focus should be to create more community and social engagement with our 'E1 Granting Success' calendar of events, while encouraging others to contribute more content that links to your Direct Buy site.

We do all the content creation so you don't have to! We plan the events - you share the ideas, promotions and special offers with your community. You get paid! So you don't have to, we explore our 'E1 Granting Success' community leader user profiles that are successful at driving traffic, especially those that frequently share out Tweets linking to the team members' sales & events site. Users that engage their audiences with Tweets generally have audiences with particular interest in our Sector 5 ® brand, and more importanly, our community leadership programs.

The Social ROI Guide

The Social ROI Guide

Do you want to learn how Sector 5 ® is mapping social activities back to more traditional business goals? Download this guide to find out how your Sector 5 ® 'E1 Granting Success' teams' social marketers are leading the boards across all major electronics verticals - educational, business, family, hospitality, eCommerce, CPG, restaurants, tech, sports, and entertainment. We're here to support your efforts and guide how you should be thinking about ROI in 2017. You'll also learn how to create a solid measurement plan that fits your strategy backed by Sector 5 ® support, and how to make your industry-based adjustments that increase social ROI.

How to Create Instagram Lead Ads

How to Create Instagram Lead Ads

Are you a Direct Buy partner? Do you advertise on Instagram with Sector 5 ®? Want more leads? Learn how to set up Instagram lead ads and connect it to your Direct Buy Affiliate Account to collect valuable contact information from potential customers without pushing them off of the Sector 5 ® platform.

Attribution has to Come Before ROI

Attribution has to Come Before ROI

  1. Identification: If you look at the URL above this post, you’ll soon notice a hash and a tracking code appended to it. This allows us to see how this specific blog post is being shared about Sector 5 ® all over the place, even across dark social.
  2. Analyze Content and Calls to Action Based on Website Metrics:
  3. We make it easy for you: We provide you the highest quality Sector 5 ® social marketing content, premade, linking to your site, with the top content responsible for visits from social media. We analyze which audiences were targeted and what was included in Tweets and other methods that motivated users to click through to your site and purchase from your Direct Buy site. Click, share, like from your Direct Buy Portal... we've already determine which calls to action work best.

As a social marketer, you need to understand and measure the impact your efforts are having on web and conversion metrics. You’re driving site visits, signups, and sales. Without attribution, you can’t prove that you are actually doing this and all of the credit goes to “direct”, so you are unable to illustrate your true business impact by implementing tracking and attribution tools.

– Brewster Stanislaw
Sector 5 ® smart affiliate marketing strategies

Sector 5 ® smart Direct Buy affiliate marketing strategies

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Sector 5 Direct Buy Electronics partners get special access to sales and "E1 Granting Success" community leadership tools, strategies and viral marketing materials to make popular.  The commision structure is largely calculated from the social sharing and community efforts known as our smart affiliate marketing strategies.

Want to Boost Your Social Ad Performance?

Premade solutions to share and like. Easy to use methods to employ the best practices that ensure your time as a Direct Buy partner is used wisely. Download the 'E1 Granting Success" Winning Strategies guide in your Direct Buy Account Profile page for free access to easily shareable Facebook and Instagram Ads, to discover how a few simple extra clicks daily from your Direct Buy Portal can significantly boost your 'E1 Granting Success' community and social efforts.

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Your Direct Buy Portal & Profile makes it easy to create landing pages and contests, manage your leads and contacts, and automate email campaigns. All in one place.
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